Stem cell therapy for cancer



Stem cell therapy for cancer


Cancer Immunotherapy Natural Killer “NK” Cells Therapy


Throughout modern history, treatments for cancer were dominated primarily by very cytotoxic pharmaceuticals and chemotherapy. These traditional means of treating cancer that are successful in killing cancer cells but these toxic medications also destroy many of the bodies healthy cells, causing serious side-effects. The long goal of scientists has always been to target & only kill cancer cells thank to a Functional Medicine Approach to Cancer.


Natural Killer Cells


The human body’s first line of defense against cancer is the natural killer Cells or “NK.”  Recent advancements in regenerative medicine and non-toxic radiology have helped us get much further than ever before. Our current therapeutic goals have focused primarily on strengthening your body’s own natural capacity to fight diseases and cancer.(Selathurai et al. 2014)*


The Human immune system is always finding ways to prevent cancer by utilizing NK Cells or Natural Killer cells. Our immune system can and does destroy both precancerous and cancerous cells while recognising and not harming the healthy cells. The Foys Clinic has developed an innovative new Targeted therapies such as Autologous NK cellular immunotherapy using the patient’s own immune system to fight and destroy cancer.



Our unique activated lymphocyte therapy works by infusing harvested autologous Enriched NK cells form the patients immune system’s to directly assault and kill the invading cancer cells. NK Cells or ” T killer cells” are a kind of white blood cell known as a lymphocyte. These lymphocytes are part of congenital immune system in humans.(Knorr et al. 2014)*


These Killer cells play a leading part our bodies ability to reject “foreign mutant cells” such as tumours or virally infected cells. Natural Killer cells are either cytotoxic T cells or natural killer T cells. Tiny granules within its cytoplasm contain very specific proteins (proteases & perforin) that are known as granzymes. A large number of cytokines are produced by Natural T Killer cells including:


  • Interleukin (IL-10)

  • Tumor necrosis factor α TNFα

  • IFNγ



NK Cell Therapy in Thailand




Please Note That Not All Patients Qualify for Cancer treatment using Immunotherapy and Enriched NK Cells. Patients with late stage, severe underlying conditions or travel restrictions will not be eligible for the 2-3 week treatment protocol in Bangkok.


Upon expansion of Autologous NK Cells, they are release back into the patient’s blood stream while in close proximity to a targeted cancer cells. The perforin first attaches to the pores of the cancer cell membrane. Then the granzymes molecules can finish the task by entering the cell and causing apoptosis (cell death).


Apoptosis & cell lysis are very different as lysing a virus-infected cell would just discharge virions, whereas apoptosis in cells results in the total destruction of cancer or the virus inside. Depending on the severity and scope of the patients needs each NK more info Cell dose, may require anywhere from 10 to 25 Billion activated lymphocytes.(Pongpruttipan et al. 2012)*


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